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24th Dec 2015, 9:14 AM
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24th Dec 2015, 9:14 AM
Aaron Mocksing
Today I had the dubious honor of getting to know an animator who worked behind the brilliantly splendid masterpiece that was 'Secret of NIMH 2'. I'm sure no one else gets to bestow that prestigious honor, I can name one artist who hates me for life that I got to meet him and share dinner with discussing the intelligent merits going into such an epic animation historical footnote. 'Secret of NIMH' raised the bar, but 'Secret of NIMH 2' is actually meant to be an allegory on the human mind and intellect, and while funding and resources diminished, this man and those artists put their thinking caps on and put forth an underrated classic.

And now that wonderful artistic expression can be shared with you today. He did me proud, people. Thank you, Mr. Jedidiah Hovas III. I will continue to promote your brilliancy. I hope Don Bluth commends you.


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