Issue Summaries

Only Issues 1 through 5 are summarized here in thorough detail, to conserve space. Maybe in the future, more will come, but for now until fan/reader demand requires it - or until one day I should approve or create a KUWTWiki - this will have to do.

Anything extra can also be found on KUWT's previous home on DrunkDuck/TheDuck.


Issue 1 - Our adventure begins on the starry night of London, 1894. As drunken disorderly conduct happens below on the streets, Vinnie the mouse watches from up top keeping tabs on the situation. The plan had started so simple - get in, get the wonderfully done piece of art within the golden locket of the mistress living in the home, then get out. For what better price could something like this pay on the market? Or is it worth keeping to oneself, considering Van Gogh had a hand in drawing it out?

We are introduced to Patrick, a mouse willing to take what he wants to take - big or small - and walk away with it for his own collection. Vinnie, his slightly taller, equally smart bespectacled partner, is left in charge of making sure the couple outside doesn't come their way on in. Once they've got the treasure they've needed, it'd be time to get out and sneak out all quiet like--- but wait... will it work? There's a cat coming in!

This issue allows us to meet the characters for the first time; Patrick, a bit of a jab against the cunning, handsome-looking hero that Disney movies usually portray, doesn't seem to mind landing inside the middle of woman's lingerie and clothing. His story also serves as the basis for this issue - who he came to be and why, with the bulk of the answers to your questions leading into the next one! If you look at 'Secret of NIMH 2' especially, notice how "clean" the whole thing is compared to the original film? Patrick doesn't seem to care at all at whom he just stole from, much less the consequences... a trait he will soon grow upon, and perfect his craft on the nature of stealing and lying.


Issue 2 - Having just sped through town on a young girl's sled, Patrick's antics warrant the attention of the police and the townspeople - going so far as to knock the original owner down amidst the carnage! With a little luck, he manages to escape and make it behind a piece of wood before they wind up catching him in the hopes of seeing his mother before things do more harm than good. It is here that we are introduced to the kind of living quarters the mice live in this part of London in the KUWT universe: an abandoned building such as this, possibly the basement of a former shoppe, has essentially become the 'apartment complex' for many mice his age, and their families, of all kinds. It's a little rough around the edges, but it managed to fill up pretty quick, wouldn't you agree?

Although his father is never shown, Patrick has been living with his mother. A tired, modestly-living woman who keeps their home tucked behind the walls in the farthest corner of the entire ruckus. Someone like him can be a bit of a chore in it's own right trying to keep him steady!

In an effort to avoid being literally 'hounded', Patrick quickly borrows his mother's make-up to pose as 'Patricia' to avoid being caught and spare his mom the embarrassment of being involved in the mess he had just caused in the snowy streets. It would only be the push this young mouse would need which would entail more thefts to come: stealing books, stealing girl friends or women, from old women he'd have to deliver from, and other folks.

By 1883, Patrick was finally caught on the Serpentine... along with other mice and rats who had been in trouble up until this point.

Their punishment? With the prisons full, an orphanage run by the ghastly, awful-looking Trissa rat who's willing to do more harm than good to these guys. "Hell" couldn't have been a more appropriate term described by her if you had to be whipped in the face by a bunch of nasty weasels, and forced to dig a giant pool without modest food or living conditions.


Issue 3 - Despite the better efforts for them to be contained on such terms, an effort had been done by the boys to escape. It looked as if Funday, locked away from Issue 2, had been contained for good and considered a gonner. Horace is the first to go out and seek the outside world, crawling through a hole up the ceiling above the sealed door and basking in the open sunlight above. Patrick is the next to climb up while the others scatter below to keep a look out, and hangs out with Horace to enjoy that nice breeze out there in the field.

Patrick knows that Horace's real means of getting out were to rely on cuteness alone; there couldn't have been a way for the young little child to have been purely dropped in on them simply by pure accident. The answer is never fully given though, as by the moment they're about to discuss it, Milon arrives to give a shout that the weasels are on their way! For a moment, it looks as if the two will get out together, hurrying up before it's too late - but a scuffle between the two mice Patrick and Horace keeps them long enough to be ensnared by the weasels in the nick of time.

Their actions not being ignored, the fate of the prisoners winds up the centerpiece for all to see: flagged, beaten, tackled, and even hung by their own tail - Horace's, too. Thinking the young one to be the forerunner for the actions that transpired, Horace was hung: a jarring, painful scene by the rest of the other mice to see.

Later that night, the boys contemplate getting out of there. It's said that it had been at least a month or two since they've been there, and they just can't take this any longer. They'll have to find a way out soon, they can't take this kind o abuse!

As for Patrick's punishment...


Issue 4 - Who is Vinnie anyway? What's he like? Why's he with Patrick, anyway, and are they the same...? Or are they completely different?

Vinnie is the character who is certainly not Patrick's ideal Dr. Dawson, and a character who cannot quite keep up with his partner's enthusiasm for crime and theft. If anything else, he's far from the ordeals, but too afraid to say it to his face - for fear Patrick is liable to do something to him. After being taken in from him on several ocassions during their times over the years upon his arrival into London, Vinnie had been something akin to a child who was prone to bullying. A carefree, and happy child, who, unfortunately, was caught in the wake of the remnants coinciding with the end of the Civil War.

With his bitter allergy and big sneezes being the joke amongst many in their residence, along with enemies made during the Union's win, something to which his father Jim had a part of, Vinnie is caught between literally several rocks... and a hard place.

Will Vinnie ever man up? Or is his optimistic, friendly nature too good to believe in wanting war between anyone?


Bonus Filler - (LINK TO BE INCLUDED SOON ONCE LIVE ON COMIC-FURY!) This comic was created to help tie up a loose end on Issue 3, when someone was curious as to how they managed to climb up to the top of the prison orphanage. While at the same time, we also get to see Patrick as a character, and the general tone to be filled, what to expect, from 'Keeping Up with Thursday'.

As we look into the heart of Patrick, Marie also appears, as this was also, concurrently part of an art-trade with Marijke-Rose.


Issue 5 - When Jim is given a letter of acknowledgement, and a request to come back into the army to face off against their Southern-supportive grandpa, Vinnie can't rectify his anger long enough to want to resolve this rationally. Their grandfather not only rallied the support of other animals during the aftermath of the Civil War, a good long while after it had, in reality, ended, and is now keeping the battle going in an attempt to lure Vinnie's father Jim to contest with. Jim, not knowing this, has no intent to back down - and feels it is in his duty to step in and hunt grandpa down. What wasn't settled before, has to be settled.

Vinnie, angered, shoves his father down during a stand-off-- and, afraid to confront him, runs away. The dividing lines of the Edenton family are now drawn.

After collecting his clothing, one of which is his cousin Hacksaw's old war uniform from the Union (sometimes referred to as the 'Union Sympathizers') animal soldiers, Vinnie begins his travels around the states in an effort to find himself... a new place to live. Anywhere to get away from it all, anywhere to find a piece of solace. However, as war blossoms, he finally opts for a ferry boat until he can decide otherwise.

Vinnie is the kind of mouse of whom no Disney song could ever cheer him up and get active. Even if everyone broke into song and convinced him to strengthen up, it would have no effect, or he'd still misdirect it towards someone. Probably for the worse. I developed him to be the kind of character who may never really find himself, as opposed to Patrick, who claims to already have. It's this dynamic between the two characters which I think make them a good duo; they're not alike at all, yet somehow, they seem to connect magnetically.

After several trips, as the captain put it, Vinnie opts to leave since his glasses had fallen off of the boat with a sneeze of his, but they are attacked by what appears to be a small gator floating around the creek. They've technically just reached the Georgia lines and are bound to make another trip (it's unstated, but that would be the case as they reach it near the end). What's expected to be the damning end of them all is instead the crafty and large rendition of a 'fearing boat', a submarine meant to envoke fear out of fellow mariners and other seafarers for the South to keep away, and possibly defeat.

Will Vinnie ever get out of this mess?...