Who's Who

~ In order of appearance... but not all of them! ~

Issue 1 - Keeping Up with Thursday

An attempt to sneak into a rather scrupulous human's home to steal a gift for his wife is foiled by the surprise appearance of the house-cat...

The Thursday Thief (aka Patrick) - A Cockney blond-haired mouse with an obsession with stealing anything that's worth it's value. He's been stealing all his life since he was a child, beginning with a sled meant for a child on Christmas day! Patrick is a mouse who dedicated a lot of his life since then, crafting his 'high' for the act of thievery, that he had been doing it for years up until now. Ever careful in plan, perfection, and execution... he remains a wanted mouse to both cop, politician, and thug alike.

Vinnie Edenton - An American mouse who partners up with Patrick. His is slender than Patrick, with messy hair and huge glasses. Unlike his team-mate, is more rational when it comes to handling a situation. Where in which Patrick is one to spew disses, insults, thrash about who he's up against or scoff at how easy something looks, Vinnie does his best to supply the voice of reason. He is neither a skilled fighter, nor is he a talented thief compared to the blond-haired mouse.

Issue 2 - Join the Club!

A look into Patrick's rise to being the mouse he is now, and the beginning of his adventures with several others in a strange orphanage and prison combination.

Genevieve Mouse (Patrick's Mother) - A single mother, married to a tradesman who had gone away, who raised Patrick as he grew well into a teenager. She was confronted by the policemen dogs over her son's theft of the sled, and was surprised how quickly Patrick slipped on a quick disguise to avoid confrontation... and arrest. Genevieve tiredly goes through her son's constant needs and wants, and does her best to supply them, though she has the courage to make sure he knows where she is coming from.

Marie - Seikou of deviantArt's winning contest character for Issue 2 (to be discussed on another page). A proper, elegant dress-wearing young girl who appeared in the Miscreant's Box along with several other notable ruffians caught by the police. At first, Patrick assumes she is one of them, only to realize that she is, in fact, the daughter of the woman behind the prison/orphanage they would all be escorted to. She appears in Issue 2, and is set to return again in Issue 3. Marie is shown to be generous, and kindhearted, while knowing a thing or too of self-defense. It can be assumed she works with her Aunt Trissa to help around the orphanage portion of the cave, as it is quite crowded at the present moment.

Francis O'Ira, a.k.a "Funday" - a female rat in tattered clothing, a worn out hat, flimsy tie and heavy, baggy pants. She was caught for 'starting a riot' in Liverpool, where she lost some teeth, and literally mooned the policemen. The exact nature of this is unknown, given she is female, yet dresses up more boy-like, possibly to define her tomboy-ish nature. "Funday" is her nickname, though her name can be seen on the final page of Issue 2, in a police log given to Aunt Trissa, head of the prison/orphanage combination. As of now, in Issue 3, she is confined to a dark and mysterious chamber.

Her appearance is meant to be a pastiche of 'Tony Toponi', from the Don Bluth film, 'An American Tail.'

Svenn - a slinky, long-haired male rat with a tail that is truffled at the end of it's tip, placed in the Miscreants Box due to a scuffle with a cat named "Finnigan." Svenn doesn't care for children, and appears to have a disgust hatred for 'the system', being the nature of cats being politicians, dogs the police, and the mice mostly being in the lower class. He lost one of his fingers during what he describes as being 'in a scuffle' with said Finnigan, possibly during an attack. He is a loose parody of, and nod to, the short-lived FOX program 'Capitol Critters', possibly a pastiche of Berkeley or Max.

His appearance drastically changes in scheme in Issue 3, mostly due to author preference and hatred for a broken down computer plug, which had plagued his computer for some time.

LeBrand Stotes- a long, thin rat with yellow teeth, floppy huge ears, brightly colored fur, with pants barely able to be held on by such flimsy straps. LeBrand and Milon were seen in Issue 2 inside the Miscreants Box, admitting to their involvement in 'wager sports' - gambling - which lead to their capture. It's not known how successful or what kind of gambling business was being held between the two, though by the looks of it, it might have been successful for some time. LeBrand's appearance is modeled a slight after the infamous 'Chuck E. Cheese' entertainment center, and possibly either inspired by Jerry Mouse of the infamous cat duo 'Tom and Jerry', or Herman from 'Herman and Katnip' by Famous Studios.

Milon the Bat - a gray-colored, small bat with rectangle glasses. He is LeBrand's assistant in the gambling ring, who manages to cling himself to the ceiling of the orphanage cage to avoid having to work like the rest of the other prisoners. Originally, he was meant to speak with a bit of a nasty lisp and speech impediment, though this was removed to to keep balance him out with Patrick's thick Cockney-accent. Milon might be considered either a subtle parody of the animal stock character who rarely gets screen time, as he is rarely seen in the pages, or perhaps mainly Disney's 'Great Mouse Detective''s character Fidget the Bat.

His appearance doesn't change much in the transition to Issue 3, though like Horace and most of everyone else, he did get a color scheme fix.

Horace Morgan - a small mouse who was caught by the weasels and added into the Miscreants Box with the others; although originally pinning the blame on the weasels for capturing him without remorse, it's discovered that he instigated the incident, completing the circle of the prisoners. Horace is named after the poet of the same name, and retains a child-like innocence despite having a very bad attitude, and a notoriously bad liar, as Patrick points out to him. His appearance is based a little bit on Fievel Mousekewitz of 'An American Tail', though the author has described him as being more like Lil' Sneezer from the Tiny Toons Adventures series.

His appearance doesn't change much in the transition to Issue 3, though like Milon and most of everyone else, he did get a color scheme fix. 

Auntie Trissa - The owner of an orphanage located in the Earth of a nearby abandoned building, long since out of use. She is the aunt of Marie, and created exclusively to tie Seikou's character into the comicbook series. Overweight, overbearing, and definitely a problem - she wasn't quite expecting to be given the prisoners from the police as a result of 'recent overcrowding,' and neither were Patrick and the gang! Although she's accepted the role of keeping them in line until they can be shipped back under careful watch, it seems as if she cannot wait long enough until such a time arises... and would do anything in her power to rid herself, and her 'children', of those pesky criminals. After all, they taint the place with their filthy hands!

Her appearance remains the same, although her color scheme was greatly changed to make her not look too odd amidst a red hue for walls and the like, and to touch up on her. She has been described as 'Jay Leno on a tutu' with a small scruff beneath the nose and some weird hair growth around her huge chin.

The Weasels - Although initially unnamed from the start, the two weasels have adopted the names/nicknames of 'Joan' and 'Mart', or something similar to that effect. 'Mart' is a slick weasel, and like his brother have a very hungry look in his eye, along with an abnormally long neck, and wears suspenders with a shirt. 'Joan', the other with a roung gut and wearing baggy pants with a bow tie around his neck, is the other - and brandishes a mean whip, set for keeping those prisoners and other children in the orphanage in line. They abide by Auntie Trissa's every whim, mostly because she pays incredibly well, though deep down they often wonder why they bother to work for someone not even half their size! Both weasels can abuse their form of cruelty in the form of whipping the children, or going so far as to flick or toss the mice to their assigned jobs to keep the cave orphanage clean as it should be.

The names, slightly altered, stem from two folks the author once knew who stole some of his original work. No offense, fellas, but it's glad to see you getting a spot in the comic! ;) Don't worry, he's not that mean.

Despite attempting to look like the Weasels from the infamous 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' film, the author has actually said that the weasels from the Cosgrove Hall 1983 film (and eventual TV series afterward) 'Wind in the Willows', has been an inspiration. It's a very delightful stop-motion film, and I would heartily recommend it to anyone.

Issue 3 - All New Look, All New Adventure!

When an attempt to escape is botched by a moment to savor the outside, and Patrick's attempt to leave the other orphans in the dust, the group - weakened further - must recoup to try their hand at giving it another go.

Magistrate Hubert - The writer of a letter given to Auntie Trissa in regards to the orphanage and prison overpopulation... allowing her the consent to literally kill her newfound prisoners (i.e. LeBrand, Funday, Svenn, Milon, Patrick, and Horace)! Could his letter be truth? It seems almost too heinous to be considered legal, does it? We may never know, at least until the second half of the story arc finally comes together in a future issue!

Issue 4 - Cats Are Walls

Picking up where the first issue left off at long last! How are Patrick and Vinnie gonna get out of this dangerous theft? Who is Vinnie, anyway?

Willie Bird - A family friend of Vinnie's, and one who helped his father Jim during the Civil War, less than ten years ago. As a bird, his duty had been, predating planes, overseeing action from the above - much like the Union and Confederates with their horses. He bares some comparion to Jeremy, from Secret of NIMH.

Jim Edenton - Vinnie's father. A retired West Point (for animals) soldier who did his time for the Union during the Civil War's beginning and end. He is an avid supporter of the Union, though living in Kentucky at the time of being a border state, has lead to differences and problems having to conicide... even post-war. He is loosely modeled on Michael Landon, and possibly in appearance, from the show Little House on the Prairie, yet has strong opinions about toughening up to protect his family from others.

Eudora Edenton - Vinnie's mother, and 'Annie Oakley Impersonator', as Vinnie calls it. Not as strong as Jim, with whom her traits she appears to have shared with their son, Vinnie, she tries her best to bring some peace amongst the family. Quiet, and rather introverted, she does not question Jim's actions and is rather agreeable to anything he says, for fear of not wanting to debate a soldier such as Jim.

Terrance "Hacksaw" Edenton  - older relative of the Vinnie family, who served under the Union alongside Jim in the later part of it's run. To this day, he has gone missing in action, and no one quite knows what had happened to him. As Vinnie had grown older, he had kept one of his clothing attires as a momento in the hopes he would one day return... Rumor speculates he had ditched the army in protest, though Jim does not wish to believe this.

'Barefoot" Billy - One of the residents in Kentucky, who supports the Confederacy and is strongly opposed to the result of the war. Because of this, he truly hates Vinnie's family - particularly Jim, with whom the two had encountered in the battlefield (Jim had shot Billy in the crotch during their first meeting, and possibly someone else), and takes out his frustration on Vinnie as a young child, going so far as to beat him up whenever possible. He is a direct parody of Timmy from Secret of NIMH 2, popularly one of the most reviled animated films of all time, next to Titanic, a cartoon based on the ship of the same name (not related to the James Cameron film).

Upon seeing Jim, who has gone out to find his child, the two engage in a fight which leads to his group's defeat - and his eventual death. Jim killing Billy leaves a mark on Vinnie for a good, long while.

Billy's Gang - Compromised of a a butterfly, a shorter, rounder mouse, and a rather comical looking rat - they aid Billy in beating up Vinnie towards the end, but are defeated by Vinnie's father Jim. Although crudely drawn, they are possibly in reference to Gus from Cinderella, anyone from Hoppity Goes to Town, or Secret of NIMH 2.

Issue 5 - Those Magnificent Mice and Their Submarines

Vinnie's story is a tale of regret, trials, and pain... a sheer lot of it!

Melman C. Topps  - one of the soldiers who arrives in front of the Vinnie family estate, by the treestump, where the family resides outside of a farm and a presumed animal town out in the field. His appearance as well as crewmembers, perhaps the name as well, are references to Mel Blanc and that of Top Cat, the animated series by Hannah-Barbera.

References: Jones/Avery Train Station - Obviously, a train station is named after both Chuck Jones and Tex Avery, both residents of the infamous Termite Terrace and pioneers of animation styles in their own right. Chuck Jones would go on to helm a lot of famous Looney Toons shorts, among many others well until his death, and Tex Avery would be famous for bringing about Droopy, Red Hot Riding Hood, among many others.

Captain Hannah Lionels - the ferryboat captain who takes Vinnie around the coasts of America on a small ship, called The Planeteer. He runs a cheap service underneath the dock of New Jersey; one captain purportedly runs the The Planeteer II, which also allows bigger animals to travel alongside or with them. Rumor speculates this is run by his sister, Barbera Lionels mouse, but this is never seen. He is eventually captured along with several other survivors when a Southern war/fear submarine in the guise of a gator attacks them; Vinnie managers to pull them out before the Pioneer sinks. He is named after one half of Hannah-Barbera, the cartoon creation team (i.e. Scooby-Doo, Yogi Bear, etc.)

References II: The ship is named the Planeteer, a la Captain Planet and the Planeteers. The ship sinking is, jokingly refereed by the author, as how the critics will feel when the Captain Planet movie comes into fruition... a sinking feeling.

FlierBug - Hannah's fly partner, who accompanies him. His job is to keep an eye out ahead of them to know where things are in case of weather conditions. He also monitors the ants, who played an integral role in modifying the toy boat which eventually became the ferry.

References III: Indirectly, though not implied, Digit from An American Tail, to some extent.

References IV: The "Golden Leaf" of Good Fortune, is a reference and nod to the Don Bluth production company logo, in which a leaf would fall on a red, shimmering lake, before fading away unto the title.

References V: When Vinnie shouts the Captain Hannah's name, it's done in the style of the old H-B logo which would appear at the end of some old cartoons of theirs during the 60's and 70's.

Jermaine - a mouse working from the Confederate fear submarine who bears somewhat of a resemblance to Jerry mouse of Tom and Jerry.

Captain Smithers Bogg - the captain of the Confederate fear submarine; a small-sized chameleon who runs the large operation. The ship is compromised of at least a good fifty mice and rats apiece, with one dog who keeps the movement of the ship going. A lean, calm-natured but deeply devoted Southerner who, whether or not Vinnie's lie to him had failed, brandished a weapon to kill him outright. Vinnie's death would allow him to persue trying to convince Vinnie's grandfather Columbus that the ships should continue to be mass-produced, despite many obvious and prevailant flaws.

References VI: Martin, perhaps, may be a Redwall reference. (i.e. Martin the Warrior, Matthias, Mattimeo, by Brian Jacques; it was also an animated cartoon for a short period)

Maggie - the dog that runs the ship, named after a family dog in real life of the author.

References VII: Fort Clampett is named after Bob Clampett.

Columbus Edenton: The leader that has set the continuation of the Civil War, for animal's sake, which lead this all to what it was. Where is he now?

Other characters, such as the passengers, the General at Fort Clampett, and others, are not named.