What's KUWT?

What is Keeping Up With Thursday, anyway?




Welp, glad you asked. I guess the best way to start answering this question is to provide another, 'Do you remember your childhood?'

I myself recall those days, before having gotten myself a computer. Those early mornings of seeing 'Tom and Jerry' on the television set, owning classic VHS tapes of Disney's old and finest, or sharing a laugh with Don Bluth's unique films ranging from All Dogs Go to Heaven, Rock-a-Doodle, and even Warner Brothers' 'Space Jam' film!

Those days are long gone now, and now live on through the internet as fan art via tribute or parody, or perhaps just long forgotten memory. With that, some films fade off into obscurity only to appear now and again on the shelves on the bin, or sometimes get a lucky once-in-a-lifetime showing on the television. Will these ever be preserved?

'Keeping Up' is a webcomic which encompasses those memories. Inspired by Disney's visual style, Don Bluth's memorable moments, with characters to love and to hate - while I wouldn't consider it a 'tribute' comic, I would say that it is a quiet little nod and a pat on the back to those days. It is a comic that can hopefully be enjoyed for young adults and older readers, I figure. Your feedback, critique, is always welcome!

Taking place in the year 1894 in scenic London streets, the story revolves around Patrick the mouse and his assistant, Vinnie, who share nothing more than a passion for theft. It doesn't matter what the circumstances may be, or what's out there for the taking; the bigger the steal, the bigger the adventure! And even if it wasn't belonging to a mouse in the community, they'd go after whatever humans leave behind, too, even the priceless items!

                           But it won't be easy. Politicians want to use them to boost their credibility to the public, the police are working around the clock and spread thin like jelly to capture them, criminals of any other kind of species - and not just cat, dog, or mouse! - are looking to follow in their footsteps! Nothing is ever the same, and a challenge comes by every minute!

                                   This website will be your main resource for character information, select scenes from the issues as they come, and a chance for you to be apart of the action! We can expect a forum, and a gallery, for you to come and KEEP UP with the adventure!

This is as much a comic I enjoy doing as much as it is for you to read. I'd be happy to hear your thoughts.

For now, please stay tooned in to this comic!

Aaron Mocksing~