Issue 4, page 19

20th Nov 2014, 8:00 AM in Issue 4
Issue 4, page 19
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20th Nov 2014, 8:00 AM
Aaron Mocksing
Lol, gag page. xD Nothing special here. Sort of a breather page for anyone who thought the pages were talky up until this page...

Anyways, I guess I should mention that there's a character I'd like you to meet who's coming up. His name is Billy Sequcks, a bully of Vinnie's and the rest of the family for the last good while. Like Vin's grandfather, who had a thing for the South and was willing to aid them, Billy was as such apart of the Confederacy. When it was over, Billy/Jim had a very heated relationship, especially when Jim took out someone from his family during the heat of the battle.

Billy considers himself "the chosen one" and never makes much sense, rambling incoherently.

Don't get mad at me please when I say that Billy is modeled specifically after Timmy from Secret of NIMH 2, lmao... scraggily lines, odd gut and out-of-model proportions. He's been changed, of course, so I don't get shot down by NIMH 2 fans much less MGM - but his... personality is more or less there. If you can guess by the last name, it stands for 'Sequel Sucks'. Let's face it, most do... except maybe All Dogs. Personally, I want a Titan A.E. sequel.


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