Keeping Up Appearances, page 1

16th Dec 2014, 8:00 AM in KUWT Bonus Comic
Keeping Up Appearances, page 1
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16th Dec 2014, 8:00 AM
Aaron Mocksing
I managed to do this up within an hour or two, after being held-up out of town and accidentally screwing up with symbols on Flash. But it was not in vein: I managed to pick up The Animation Bible by Maureen Furniss at the library and many graphic novel collections (mostly stuff with Crumb or indie folks from the 70's and 80's). Something to keep on hand on the side. The first book comes with a Flash tutorial that I think I'd like to look into-- I've always been more into book studies than any internet tutorial could provide me.

Anyways, first page of the Pat/Marie comic, giving some insight as to the Trissa orphanage/prison from Issue 2. If I go all out and get lengthy it, I don't want to hold up :iconseikou: and I's art trade for too long, but it's there, at least.

It's one of those little foundations that seems to be around for any related or something related to a pivotal moment in history. It was all farmland next to an actual human orphanage during the mid-1700's, owned by dogs and cats mostly (as opposed to mice). Come 1812, it served as a recruitment center, bringing about a short-lived town community in order to do so. A record account of mice joined in to aid what they could, while the bigger animals supplied assistance. The actual foundation wasn't that dug-in deep at the time.

Around the early 1830's to 40's, farmland once took over, but with the orphanage nearby being too roudy to really focus on most critter and animal needs to raise a family - it was time to move. The cats, making up most of the higher-up law, struck a deal with the dogs in order to secure the land and make it home to something worthwhile. Nothing truly went into motion before it was finally dubbed the "Singmuck Orphanage of the Gathered", jokingly dubbed the "Orphanage of the Lonely" by some of it's hecklers.

Like in Issue 3 states, prison overcrowding had become rampant - mostly inspired by Patrick's rising up and ever growing status as the youngest thief alive and never caught - forced it to become a prison combination. It would be continually dug out further and further, and exchanging ownership, before Marie's Aunt Trissa took it up and remained in charge.

I can only say that Trissa was a bad choice to be put in charge. Like the 90-year-old librarian here we have in Dos Palos who seriously needs to retire, Trissa ought to as well - she's not really enjoying keeping the kids under her belt, and prisoners are the last nail in the coffin. This grudge has lead to most of her hate and cruelty.

Patrick here is sitting in front of the orphanage, recollecting, and will soon go inside...