Keeping Up Appearances, page 11

8th Jan 2015, 8:00 AM in KUWT Bonus Comic
Keeping Up Appearances, page 11
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Author Notes:

8th Jan 2015, 8:00 AM
Aaron Mocksing
I dunno if I should call this page "Patrick lays down what KUWT is all about" or "this is kinda my lol'd frustration on the 'Meh' votes on his poll". xD ...I'm not too concerned about it as I am now, though now I kinda regret putting a 'explain why' addage for some commentary. I'm just happy knowing you guys are still with me. :3 *hugs* Let's make 2012 count!

Also, before anyone gets too lost--- the best way to read the bottom panel (containing the SNK Fatal Fury tribute I promised on the panel sketch I posted earlier yesterday-- hell yeah, Terry! :D), the best way to read it would be from the left column and down, followed by the right column and down.

I wanted to focus on the rogue's gallery I have set up with Patrick. Early in the running, I sat down with a buddy of mine and wanted to create him an entire listing of criminals - crocs, dogs, bats, cats, weasels, mice - everyone who wants to take down Patrick. Whether in the main storyline or huddled within, everyone wants this miouse's head for their collection to be THE number one dude.

A reason why I make KUWT violent isn't so much cartoon-based as it is the fact that I'm going for a winner-take-all stakes part of the story. Patrick must contend with himself, his relationship with Vinnie, Beverly, and the world against him.

Godwilling one day if this thing ever sells, I'll allow myself and maybe others maybe to bring these guys to life. The golden rule of KUWT is never to allow anyone to be a dumbed down cartoony, DTV villain of the week. Everyone's gotta be up to his level and maybe even ten times better, to the point where I can drag these things on if I wanted to, for some good adventures.

At any rate, hope you like.


27th May 2015, 7:53 AM
In the process of getting caught up again. I love your sequences because they play out very smoothly. Your pacing is top notch.

In other news, Patrick is my favorite kind of jerk. x) It's been interesting to see him through all this. Wonderful work!
29th May 2015, 2:08 AM
Aaron Mocksing
Thank you! :3 I finally found it!

So sorry I spammed your pages with PMs, haha. XD I was afraid I accidentally deleted this, hehe, I'm getting the hangs of coming here more often. :3

You're too kind. :3 These are such old pics, but they've been such a great stepping stone over time. Things will get better by the time things reach Issue 10, I should hope so. :)