Issue 5, page 2

25th Jan 2015, 8:00 AM in Issue 5
Issue 5, page 2
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25th Jan 2015, 8:00 AM
Aaron Mocksing
"As animals we are diverse. I've always felt our role in society should have been to remain alone, recluse; to each their own society. But as we share this Earth... I suppose it's the common cycle for us to share the same idiosyncrasies as the humans and follow in their own mistakes. We've become too human now to realize we are all different, special, and unique." -- Jim, 1883

"...the horror of our take on the Civil War was seeing everyone fight everyone. Brother against brother, but it was all a beast's pissing contest to see who wielded the better canon." -- Jim, 1864, prior to his retirement the following year


No one's really asked me about why the serious tone about KUWT. I was expecting someone to say something on :iconharkovast:'s forums when I go reviewed, but no one really spoke to me about it. I was expected to come in and defend myself, but my discussion didn't yield much of a conversation and the thread was pretty much over, lol. To this day, the woman behind that Darkwing Duck podcast never showed up... so might as well forget that deal to bring KUWT into some legitimate Q&A chat.

Some might think the title is a bit misleading - "Oh, you say it's a 'nostalgia' comic -- but you've got hangings, brutality, crazed anti-heroes and depressing people all over. This isn't nostalgia! You're ruining my childhood!" - but see, that's the bittersweet humor of it. The only thing nostalgic is the way things are drawn: I get that compliment/comment all the time. But in truth, they're like a weird bastardchild of what we saw with some weird twist in between, a little bit of everything on freehand with a mouse. I'm starting to like the fact now that my style isn't professional like other talented artists - it's raw meat, it needs time to mold, but it's unique. It doesn't need models or bases to study for body structure, how a puppet moves. If you think it looks like it's intended to be, then you can use your imagination and play off of that - but the history and story of things going on are where it separates itself. By following other people's concepts, people will think I took a piss on pre-written stone tablets and might find it confused with that. I like KUWT for that and where it heads off into.

Long story aside... Jim, ever the patriot, is being conscripted into action. He thought his services were no longer required having helped in a contribution to end the North/South rivalry-- now the curveball's been thrown, and in his wake, disagreements between the parties in the animal kind have gone back into disarray. He didn't know it was happening, and now finally told him. Whether he loves his son and wife to move forward and play the neutral card, or his inner Uncle Sam will kick in to join in again, we don't know yet.

The first step into the breaking down of the Edenton family. xD be honest, I didn't wanna give my characters last names, and leave it ambiguous. I almost settled for 'Denton', like the Twilight Zone episode, but stuck in an 'E' as an afterthought.

And yeah, that's my little Top Cat nod there. You don't see them because of the panels and some cut-offs, but Benny/Choo-Choo in different furtones and grizzily radical feature changes are behind him. I might post that up one day.


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