Issue 1, page 13

4th Mar 2014, 7:40 AM in Issue 1
Issue 1, page 13
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4th Mar 2014, 7:40 AM
Aaron Mocksing
Uh-oh... D: ...the cat's after them now!

I helped SirQ with this by making sure this cool poster/Batman and Robin-esque effect can be done. It's not as good as the one you'll see on the next page, but from what we used this for practice, really kicks so much ass. x3

Get out of there guys while you still can!


This is a replacement page for the webcomic "Keeping Up with Thursday" Issues 1 - 3 restoration project. :3

You can find more information here to see the series as it is so far, as we've only just begun restoring it into an 'intended' and fixed intentions (such as colors, dialogue, and so on):