Issue 5, page 8

8th Feb 2015, 8:00 AM in Issue 5
Issue 5, page 8
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8th Feb 2015, 8:00 AM
Aaron Mocksing
"'The Planeteer' was a heavily refitted toy boat, doubled in size and reportedly strengthened to carry a good ten mice on board. We each all shared four rooms, and I was paired up with a chipmunk who took up a good part of it, making it hard to breath; because of this, I spent my sleep during the day and liked to sleep out by the front. For food, we ate meager collections during the long haul - though when we made stops around various parts of the East Coast, we were offered the chance to stop and eat wholesome meals free of charge with the captain's money. I don't think I could've picked a better service than this.

The company I was up with was made up of an unnaturally small squirrel, dwarfed by means I guess were hereditary, according to him-- but the bulk of which were made up of insects. Ants by the dozen, who claimed to have built the boat from the ground up. It seemed like every minute we had all gone out, we risked the fear of unintentionally killing them with our feet... an act of which could have caused a mutiny, I'm certain.

Behind us, a second boat, the 'Planeteer II' boat, completely mechanical and less like a boat but more of a warboat, carried the bigger animals. We glided along the seas looking like toys, and oddly, the humans never bothered to acknowledge us.

With only so much money now to pay for this, I guess it was time to see where I'd wind up in America. New York was crowded, so I hoped to settle for the West coast. Godwilling." -- Vinnie


I wish I could've made the boat more steampunk. I can imagine smaller boats driven by smaller animals would take a far longer time to reach one part of the states to another. But that's Flash for ya. I push the gas any harder, and the page is dead in the water--- Lol, pun.

I'm also not sure why I choose Planeteer. Honest to god, I wasn't thinking about Captain Planet or even Treasure Planet. It could've been anything like USS Harriford, the UST Jenner, or somethin'... xD I guess since it's a mere traveling service boat for animals, one boat out of two, the one for bigger animals, traveling the 'planet' seemed like a nice idea. Something cute.

Since I'm not too good drawing boats or subs, particularly period pieces, I wasn't sure how to incorporate the second boat without getting blocked off by the economy explanation on the left panel on the bottom. I consider all the pages of KUWT an experiment though, so pages vary from background practice, item practice, character practice, and so on.


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9th Feb 2015, 10:45 PM
Um, not to be a bother or anything but you put 'were' instead of 'wear'. I thought to point that out to help. I mean nothing mean about it.
10th Feb 2015, 5:10 PM
Aaron Mocksing
Thanks for catching it! These are old reposts so I must not've caught it in the time since, lol. Will fix ASAP.
10th Feb 2015, 5:14 PM
Aaron Mocksing
Fixed. :) I know you meant no harm, I appreciate your help and I especially appreciate getting comments. ^^ Gives me all the more reason to visit C-F regularly.