Issue 5, page 16

26th Feb 2015, 8:00 AM in Issue 5
Issue 5, page 16
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26th Feb 2015, 8:00 AM
Aaron Mocksing
And we're finally back! Did you miss me? :V ...<3


"Vinnie, your story, solid or otherwise, compares to nothing to what I went through. You weren't whipped and crushed, you were just held in a detention ship until you went back to some stupid animal war in the States. I could have easily just told them I was a spy and steer control of their ship. A Confederate underwater machine made for stalking it's prey and invoking fear is worth keeping; it was a miraculous device even I'm surprised money went into it." - Patrick

"You weren't there, you wouldn't know. Human confederates lost because of lack of resources and money; we animals, we vary. If you had enough creatures supporting the same idea, you can build anything. It looked like they took scraps from their own and human trash and polished it up. But yeah, it was a marvel." - Vinnie


Finally getting over 'ring rust' while juggaling so many things in so little time. I might push the DC comics tribute over to March, since Feb's about over, and KUWT takes less time to work on than say, y'know, that Titan A.E. comic I did. I'll probably do another one of these then move onto the next tribute.

This one wasn't as tough art wise, but I hope the golden brown-ish tint kinda worked for those bottom panels. I kinda wanted to give off this impression that they'd be in a dark room, interrogated, with the light shining down upon them as their only real saviour at the moment. I doubt that came out too well.

And yay, a chameleon. Beats making the entire cast rodents or cats. xD Expect a lot of quirky animals to play their part here.

Although not what I intended, that mouse up top probably is a Confederate Jerry. I wasn't really thinking about him when I did it, but whatever. :V

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