Issue 5, page 19

5th Mar 2015, 3:00 PM in Issue 5
Issue 5, page 19
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5th Mar 2015, 3:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
"I was given spare clothing, an extra hand-me-down from someone who had accidentally gotten another set of shirts, pants, and boots than was expected. It was too large for my tastes, but-- ... at least I was dry. I didn't feel the slightest bit of concern that I had dumped the Union soldier's outfit from Terrance away; it wasn't as if I expected to see him return. I had other things to be concerned about, my life and those I brought along in this mess. The more and more I gambled, the more and more I felt myself being lead along. If it wasn't luck, what was it?

With a bad case of the sniffles developing, I walked stairways that very well could have taken me back into the heavens despite us being a good thirty feet below the surface. No one seemed to have a spare set of glasses I could borrow, but they were helping me. I could only imagine what kind of influence my grandfather had to have made them so nice to me, I'm likely to believe they knew me very well, closer than I would imagine.

I made myself towards the door, forced to spend fifteen minutes feeling it up and ignoring the large sea-pup in front of me. Aside from the sounds of it's own heavy, violent breathing, I felt the heat of the boiler-room inspired belly of the metal creature whispering and shouting all at the same time. Never before have I felt this sweaty... it was terribly hot in here." - Vinnie


Trying to get crafty with my comicbook layouts again. I hope the description Vinnie states makes sense; he fitted his clothing, managed to walk up the stairs only to, lol, wel, trip. xD


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