Issue 5, page 20

8th Mar 2015, 4:00 PM in Issue 5
Issue 5, page 20
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8th Mar 2015, 4:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
"The chameleon wanted to take the underwater pantheon and, aside from dominating the war, further the cause and show off this miraculous concept by using it in war from any foreign invader that may come from other lands. I wanted to call this as a foolhearty effort, especially considering this beast had to have costed a lot to even furnish, but I had to look and play the part of a concerned and eager Rebel. It was when he mentioned something in his lecture about making landwalker versions of this very mechanical creature, and end the war quickly, I did grow concerned.

Nonetheless, I listened in. I still had no what to do at this point. Attack him? There was a strange tube device hanging from above the walls and ceiling, which he made orders of coordinates to the sea-puppy - which having seen from up close, was the sole reason the damned ship had so many floors - to steer and direct the ship to it's location. A large 'Woof' made everything rumble. .... I could probably try to give him some other location, have him go back to where we had all started. Question was, would we have the food and resources to even survive this task?

It was a longshot, but hell, I was willing to do something." - Vinnie


I'm desperately trying to avoid (and want to very badly) having those maniacal cartoon villains who gets all paranoid when they lecture you about their big evil plan. Here, this captain isn't even doing such a thing; he's allowing 'the preacher's son' into the office and sharing a casual conversation. I'm aiming for either something ridiculously plain, or a short, abridged version of a small dramatic play. My writing skills aren't all that good... if I should learn anything from a college, it's scripts. xD I think the art will suffice a sacrifice. But even then, I don't wanna do a talky, long comic, I dunno about you guys.

I apologize it's neither the most fantastic of all pages and also one of the shortest (216KB). I guess factoring all the pony comics, tribute comics, and comedy ones, I'm due for a serious middle ground or battery renewal.

For those still reading regardless, or haven't found much to complain on about, thank you. :3 I still honestly appreciate your service.

Fun fact, I've been learning a lot of history while doing this comic, particularly about submarines in general. One attempt during the Revolutionary War had one shaped like an acorn... and had to have been one of the silliest concepts I had ever read about. Honestly? xD


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