Issue 5, page 23

15th Mar 2015, 4:00 PM in Issue 5
Issue 5, page 23
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15th Mar 2015, 4:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
"While I remembered the way down, somewhat, the brain-splattering howl of the sea-pup's excitement for reaching the dock had well driven my mouseskull well into a shattering demise. I became sickly from all this and so much more, I might as well have died of a heart attack. I thank the gods that some miracle made me dodge the bullet, but I think as a result, I gained a severe deaf-ness that has hindered my hearing for sometime now. Permanently, even.

I wobbled over near an edge of the stairs that contained no railing, confusing the plain floors below with the entire walls I used my hands to touch. Whether the Chameleon chose to let my stupidity do the killing or join in to this, I didn't want to know... I heard him murmer something. The same kind of something my bullies had said since the beginning whenever my glasses were gone." - Vinnie


So, the general idea of these huge subs designed to look like gators is that; an anthro (not feral) puppy would be in charge of lying down on it's back and controlling most of the ship's movement, saving them the trouble of having well over 200 or more mice running the scene. Everyone else would gaurd, patrol, manage the food supply, and so on. Food typically doesn't last long, so attempts have generally been made to avoid making repeated trips each week to forts and bases to keep things fresh. Since fridges haven't been invented yet for them, these are still being perfected.

I gave these guys a legitimate excuse to try and mimic human being efforts and the gist of KUWT is that they've adapted. You see these kinda things in An American Tail and so forth, but not in too much intricate detail: "Okay, so there's mice here they've got clothes and speak English. Okay, now why? How does it all work?" This is something I'm gonna work on and try to explain in detail.

Now that I have this page out, it's time to work on the DC comics cartoon tributes. I'll probably combine it with the comic storylines stuff (unless you don't mind me skipping it), so we can do more funny sidecomics. xD Your call.

If you're wondering why everything's rather dark, dull, and grey, it's another one of those Flash/gradient problems. Even when I want a yellow and grey to go one way, it doesn't allow me that. Flash can have troubles sometimes with certain pages and I have to improvise by giving that 90/84/12 tint. Doesn't always work. :/ ...but hey, what can ya do?


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