2nd Apr 2015, 4:00 PM in Issue 6
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2nd Apr 2015, 4:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
"Our general always had this fear that he'd go down in history as some kind of carbon copy of the real General Lee. If any one of us were to mention Robert, the human captain of the South as we had seen him above us, he'd often sit silent and wander off on his own. We never saw him throw down his hands, but he hated the comparison. He looked the part, that was a coincidence, but he was pretty soft in the belly to be anything but the real General Lee. Most of our battles had been won because we had talented animals backing us up, our plans... I wouldn't call them successful or real threatenin'-like, but we did possess a kind of good hand giving us the luck we needed to hold our own.

The news of the Union coming our way at so early in the morning-- we'd be damned to hell if we made out of this one alive!" - Soldier Gregory Forthwidth, Civil War journal; date unverified


This page was a little risky to do. I wanted the middle panel to be nothing but a map showing the names of locations and where they had gone into. The animation references should be blatantly obvious with this one--- Eisner Hills, of Michael Eisner, former head at Disney at one point. I was going to name the bit with the ocean/sea to be named after Faust, of MLP fame, but I didn't want to get stuck in people confusing simple good-natured acknowledgement in something so silly in this kind of comic. So, instead, "Bradbrid" becomes Brad Bird, who worked on Warner Bros. 'The Iron Giant'. Lately he was able to do the new Mission Impossible movie, which I heard was pretty cool.


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4th Apr 2015, 1:20 PM
Aaron Mocksing
And now things are back to normal. :3 Posting-wise, at least.