5th Apr 2015, 4:00 PM in Issue 6
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5th Apr 2015, 4:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
"My head was in pain, and it was bleeding, but thankfully the damage wasn't bad enough to have hurt me completely. To this day I haven't quite figured out what had made it out like that. Without questioning fate, I managed to come to slowly as the off-duty vagrants of the ship dumped me in the, what I thought was, the infirmary. I'd be damned if it had any; this was more of a mortury of the undead, soldiers who had died from food poisoning, bad water, and terrible disease that had been abandoned or forgotten from their superiors. ... One could call it a waiting room for the dead, as there were three others beside me, none of whom had been picked up to be given proper burials and forgotten here.

I never understood why it was gaurded. Perhaps to make sure only the right people got through, like the goons. Or maybe to protect the doctors, however untalented they may have been. I don't know, ask them.

I wouldn't know. I'm not from the South to know. They were all flawed, this cheap imitation of a human combatant was severely flawed. No doubt about it, once I could rub my eyes to see something of where I was, I needed to escape immediately. If it meant killing someone on the way out, I'd say I had gotten crazy to that point." - Vinnie, in remembrance


Sorry this took so long. x___X Or if you're reading from DrunkDuck, then I guess it doesn't matter too much. xD

I had so much to do this entire weekend, and it doesn't quite stop there after this. At least the 'Keeping Up' fans group was finally organized to the highest and best possible conveniance. Plans are in motion for me to set a course like Mr. Sulu and eventually do the same with my own art gallery. I haven't gotten a proper nights sleep just so this could go up, but it was worth it. I don't think too much of this page other than I wish Flash would allow me the honor to step Horace's death up a bar higher by making a far more grislier mouse corpse. xD ...maybe if there is a zombie alternate universe for this comic, the divergance would begin here, lol.

Southern conditions were pretty bad. I found a resource site which gets into detail, and watched some Youtube conditions. I applied that knowledge into this one a little bit more than I originally did in my notes. In this case, the infirmary, or, in-house morturary would be a bad idea.


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