14th Apr 2015, 4:00 PM in Issue 6
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14th Apr 2015, 4:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
"Finally, a moment to let out some frustration. I just... did it. The arm of life yanking me to start dropping people on the floor, burned and boiling by anger, had finally done it in for me - I was now doing what years of turmoil and abuse could do for a mouse: fight. Fight to live, fight to survive. It was only going to last for so long, but I took it out on a man so hard, that I even broke his glasses with that one ill-tempered kick. But, it didn't harm it too bad; I saw it in my right mind to take it, and his weapon." - Vinnie


The general idea for this is that Vinnie kicks the locker door open, gives the shiphand a lucky sucker punch in the chin, missing another shot, and the two sprawl. Eventually Vinnie retreats, only to grab a leftover pot and slam the guy's head with it with one swing. Somebody up there loves'im. I'm sorry this looks terrible and very... colorful; remember, broken monitor, here. If you find one, lemme know, 'cause Google's giving me links to widescreen monitors for a dollar, but redirecting me instead to "Steve's Shifty Shithouse Sales" which wants all of my personal information instead, lol. Fuck that. xD

I am not fond of this page. I am also not fond of this sudden humid weather we're having in town. One minute it's gray and gloomy, raining and hailing for hours on end, now all of a sudden it's already 90 degrees at midnight? Good lord. The amount of errors and poor planning from a huge amount of interruptions and distractions have made me lose my entire focus.

The strange measures I had to take just to be able to draw it are incredible. I work late in the living room in my house which is usually empty or quite often quiet with the exception of my video game, movie, or PC computer hum. It's the best time to concentrate, but sometimes, either during the winter or summer, we'll get a barrage of cockroaches or other bugs trying to tour the house. But the worst offender are those stupid little tiny flies (fruitflies, I guess?) which parade around all forms of light. The computer is their little playground, and at some point, almost 10 of those things were coming all over the screen that I had to retreat to my room almost immediately.

As of this writing, though, there is a huge roach actually in my room the size of my middle finger (not a bad joke, I'm dead serious), lol. It'll come out eventually, then I guess I'll just give it the beating of a lifetime.

Fuckin' hate bugs. xD

Also, if anyone knows how to make a better blur effect on Flash, let me know. Best I can do.

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