16th Apr 2015, 4:00 PM in Issue 6
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16th Apr 2015, 4:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
"I woke up one morning to find little shreds of clothing and some blood on the kitchen table, and some shattered glass. One dead cat, along with my pet, appeared to be lying on the floor... it didn't look like anything of mine, but one of the cats was dead - not mine. Mine, was, in fact, trying to nurse it like all cats do. A rock beside them; I swear, it was almost human, in a way, as if it was helping a friend in need. I certainly found it odd-- because the doll's clothing, the cat was sort of-- wearing it, I guess you could say, like in that Puss story momma used to read." - Newspaper report


I'm posting this a day early, because I want to work on a two-page spread, comicbook-style, for the Civil War scenes. We're living Vinnie for now to see what's back out on the outside. Whether by flaw in the plans or carelessness, someone's taken notice of some of the action the animals have been doing. Unless he thinks those are kids just goofing around with some fireworks, then who knows... xD

I guess one of the reasons I put this here is that I kinda wanna go for something a little bit like NIMH. Most cartoons that I can think of generally don't have the humans interact with the animals in this vein; they're usually just considered as animal-like as it gets. But suppose for a moment you caught a bunch of animals in Civil War uniforms duking it out? I guess I'm just trying to be unique.

On a relative note, I'm hosting an Art Jam for the month of May and it'll go on as long as May. Check out my official fanbase group :iconkeeping-up-fans: for more information - basically, draw your OC in a summer-like setting. My KUWT webcomic characters are available for inclusion so long as you tell me what they're gonna be doing. xD But all are welcome! It's to get some more involvement out of the folks there. :3 Please join! I'd be happy to meet/see your stuff.

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