30th Apr 2015, 4:00 PM in Issue 6
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30th Apr 2015, 4:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing

"Every time I walked around the submarine, the metal beast, I found something new. Grey tin boxes, sometimes unfinished in terms of being structurally built, others completely overhauled to match the ship's scheme, housed either - cots for soldiers, rooming dorms, though the dog howler shipmate was forced to sit in his sole position at the top of it all. But everything else was catered specifically for the little man, the creature, us mice. One such room of interest held it's own laundry room, with a large bucket which acted something akin to gathering the ocean or river water, and using that to wash the clothing of the soldiers. It had an endless supply, and was constantly in need of draining out manually, it seemed, otherwise it would overflow... like it was doing now.

It gave me something of an idea to probably escape, to which all I needed to do was find an opportunity." - Vinnie


Welp, 7am, another complete all-nighter and then some. I'm tired, thirsty, and I'm experiencing money drought.

Damn you, economy. :I ...damn you Dos Palos for trying to abolish this Subway being built here, lol. I hate small-time broken down farmtowns, don't get me started on Dos Palos, lol. This place sucks.

I think today I'm gonna make Circle K my sole entertainment station and whatever mp3s I can find on Youtube worth grabbing. But, that aside, let's look at this page. Despite the drowsiness and the late start, I'm back on Vinnie now. It doesn't look like he's doing what Jim thinks he's doing, so it seems. I was thinking about bringing back the other two captives from the previous issue into this scene, but the last thing I want to do is cram so many people into one sequence. I think if there should be any conclusion to this, it has to be just the family.

Where the captain and that one fat girl mouse are, who knows. My money is either being captive somewhere or anywhere just being held to wait for now. Any more people forced onto this .fla file and the whole thing's screwed, lol, sorry.

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