12th May 2015, 4:00 PM in Issue 6
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12th May 2015, 4:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
"The collision course knocked us into each other; I assumed that the chameleon wanted that very chance to pummel me the moment we laid contact... but he was slow, and it backfired. Using him as a propeller, I launched myself up!

A little farther away from us were pumps and mechanics which seemed to be what controlled the tail of this alligator-shaped monster sub. The heart of the operation, of course, were the rodents below; each passing pump up and down were what moved the fins left and right, up and down, the gears shifting casually, yet screamingly, left and right.

I avoided each of the tongue shots to nab me again by veering my body as best as I could. When I saw the exit up top, there was no way I could miss this opportunity..." - Vinnie


Try to imagine this action sequence with James Horner's music in mind; maybe a little reminiscent of the Big Ben scene just a little bit from GMD, if not entirely. This is far from replicating it or even as good as that whole CAPS thing going, but hey, a guy can use his imagination or make the most of it, I guess, right? :B

This page is a day overdue because I lost track of the time, though it was hard to when I had out of town errands which left me tired. Not to mention there's a bit of a bad allergy/flu bug going around; I don't think I caught it, but I don't think I've actually escaped it yet.

A comic wouldn't be a comic without an escape scene, of course! Vinnie's on his way outta here and so are we! This issue should be wrapped up around mid to late June, and I'm hoping that any of the weeks I get, hopefully, in free time will allow me to finally get in touch with my watchers wonderful artwork in that timeline. :) I apologize I can't get to you guys sooner, when the comic's going, I don't have room for much else... :( The way I see it, though-- as long as there's a week and a half difference in days between the DrunkDuck and deviantArt uploads, then I'm never really 'behind schedule' at all. :V Good ol' me likes to think ahead of the box.


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