19th May 2015, 4:00 PM in Issue 6
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19th May 2015, 4:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
"Whenever I hear someone go, 'There were voices in my head telling me things I shouldn't be doing,' I often wonder... these sound like the real thing. Little imps, little creatures. These are people convinced to do the wrong thing and yet, convinced it's right." - Newspaper Article, 1867


I don't know if I should discuss the page or how the graduation went, lol.

About the Comic

Jim's dialogue was cut down for a bit; I write him way too much to say. His lines of dialogue go first, then the priests'.

Long story short, this page, while kinda shoddily rushed at best, does kinda put some things to expect for my series. Namely-- the walking/talking animals have been around for awhile, though the humans don't acknowledge them much and consider them something short of a minority. The four-leggers are pretty much household pets, common animals with about the instinct as every other animal, and the ability to speak in English or other abilities are difficult to master, and thus, ignored by the public. The two-leggers, guys like Pat, Jim, Vinnie, they're establishing communited.

It was a nice play on cartoons done in this vein so I figured, 'what the hell', amirite?

A lot of paths are left wide open to imagine on a near Alternate Universe History thing here because I was hoping this could become a good series. However the page after this should seal the deal on what I'm hoping to aim for in terms of a decent story going around; supposing at the next election, after Lincoln, the Southern animals convinced the political parties to get a Civil War going again? Right now it's just amongst the critters, and a private affair, but it could always be something else, right?

Crazy, man. I like it. I may as well be crazy.

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