28th May 2015, 4:00 PM in Issue 6
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28th May 2015, 4:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
Judge Lennox Judd - deceased - judge for the San Antonio Courthouse stationed in Texas, passed away today from an apparent suicide. He was only forty-seven, three days away from his birthday this March in 1880. The reason for the cause is unknown; there is no speculation to have been the result of an attack from the Greenberg gang, Jennetty, Howson, and "Big Fingers" Ichimo. He was to precede the court scheduled next Saturday to being the judgment of one of the members for the murders of several women over the winter this year. A well-liked and respected judge by the general public, he will be sorely missed and will be succeeded by his brother Ken, arriving from Arlen to attend burial services.

Deputy Donald Bowman provided no comment on the death other than a confusion about the use of rat poison. Searching the house found no trace of outside breaking in beyond several cracks in the house - one of which contained several children's toys, namely a few chairs and one table over backwards.

"Unless children have been using some of the nooks and crannies to store some of their collection, I don't know how they got there," said the deputy. "There's several areas of the house which contain spots left open from the house's old age, he's one of our oldest family residents here. Most likely rats and other mice were able to get in; I am going to assume poison was just the quickest way to end his life. ...Why he did it, I don't know."

A replacement judge, Henry O. Peacock, is scheduled to replace Lennox for the accompanying trial next week.


I wanted this bookend, however random it might be, to set up an example of what the animals are capable of doing. For mice or rats and other animals, like bugs, too, y'know, something like this is likely to go down. For dogs, maybe or not bitemarks, though they themselves present a risk.

This is that kinda page which is like the closing of a show; the hero has left, we fade out, only to cut open to this while ominous music plays in the background just before the credits. Toughest part was trying to write something done in the style of an old west newspaper. I doubt they sounded this professional, lol.

It's kind of a pointless page, or maybe I've been watching the Darkness Falls episode of X-Files, lol. Something about animals with the secret intent to swing direction for people they want vs. the heroes now and again. Migration, maybe, y'know?

I probably should've done more research on the aftermath of what consuming rat poison is like, but let's face it, I'm not sure if there is any and I'm not sure if my skills will do it justice.

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