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16th Jun 2015, 4:00 PM in Issue 7
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16th Jun 2015, 4:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
Please take note that the sexually-inclined scenes are being avoided now, as I said they most likely will. Including them on KUWT is not the focus of the series, it's purely... I dunno, a visual touch, perhaps? You can't quite think of the old West or an old period without mentioning, "Well, there were prostitutes." Even more so is the fact that these are furry critters doing it, and are probably likely to get away with it, as no real law prohibits them and such.

25 pages can only go so far and that's the limit, a dampening figure considering KUWT deserves much more. Hopefully when the comic truly takes off, issues will come faster with a crew and I can make these like traditional/conventional comics.

While I can't give you a deep explanation regarding this cat here, I can tell you that he is someone who I've built upon my old RP concepts and decided to transfer what I felt maybe -should- have been a proper Cat R. Waul and is most likely a figure you will see in later issues when we return to what we left off in Issue 1 long ago. He is here simply to drive the point here that there was prostitution during this period.

If I told you guys he is a lawyer, and that I wanted to study how that system and criminal justice worked in this period, more would be asking why he's here instead of actively fighting everyone else. Well, we all have our night lives, right? ;)


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