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25th Jun 2015, 4:00 PM in Issue 7
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25th Jun 2015, 4:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
You might have noticed a lack in page numbers. I, personally, have come to the decision to drop them. They get in the way, and I've been, for the last while, keeping track of how many pages I've done in order from 1 to 25 (or a little more). It's been like that since Issue 3, constant organization, so there's not much need for them anymore.

Plus... they get in the way.

It appears our criminals have been caught!

GAME OVER MAN, IT'S GAME OVER! as it's been said in a particular Alien movie that I've yet to find and enjoy, as I've seen the first one and liked it a lot. :D

As we know what is to happen, I'm afraid it's time we leave these two goons and move onto the next capture of the day... Svenn and Funday! A pairing in the making, and something I think (if not Svenn, but the latter), people might want to see. Hopefully I don't take too long on this one, then again, it's gonna be hard cramming something into six pages.

Someone once told me there's a lot of talking, no action. I guess let's make this action-orientated, then. :B


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