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5th Jul 2015, 4:00 PM in Issue 7
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5th Jul 2015, 4:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
The tavern/restaurant from Issue 4's banner from long ago finally makes an appearance, if a little empty. After pumping so much energy into that new ZombieToons/QuackTown comic promotional, I simply wasn't in a mood to really draw the full mile and have a huge crowd.

It's supposed to be something like; three barrels, one with a mini parlour room for simpler games (nothing illegal), and another for the upper class. It's intended to be for everyone, and has two-stories built for dining guest rodents -- in it's earlier years, it carried cats too, who helped run the pipe in the middle. The pipe in question was built into the brewery factory wall, and employees in it would help pump the liquour into the containment. Once full, the bartenders below could walk around and pour your drink.

The barkeep would also be able to walk around, and pour your glass via several faucets. Each drinks were separate, but it allowed the option to attempt mixing up drinks and invent something new for the time, putting them ahead awhile. Water was accessible, but as it was river water that cats or sometimes dogs brought, nobody really wanted it as it was very unkempt and drank even before it arrived in supply.

I guess while my blog at :iconkeeping-up-fans: says that the comic looks plain, and it is, at least there's some dialogue there to make up for it. (Svenn's speaking in narrative, for those who might be confused, in the top).

If you guys remember, Funday got busted in Liverpool while Svenn fought wits with a cat-- (as said in Issue 2) --ultimately losing a finger. Here, they've been put together for comic's spacing.

I wonder how this is gonna work... :O


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