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7th Jul 2015, 4:00 PM in Issue 7
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7th Jul 2015, 4:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
Again, TL;DR. Read at your own risk.

I would've mentioned Funday's fondness for firecrackers issues ago, but the moment I could add it in some mention of it, the infamous London riots broke out last year and it was all too eerie. It's been maybe about a year now, I dunno, and it still kinda has an effect on me.

You might even say that the whole reason KUWT has not gotten back to Patrick and Vinnie at all is because of that. Especially since I built up Patrick's criminal group as the kind that would go out and do wild stuff like that, lol. I felt it wiser to wait a year, try to move something like this in slowly, and hope people can try to let this purely be for story reasons.

In this worrysome, overly concious time we live in, I also made Funday decline the offer for dynamite and request firecrackers instead. But thankfully, it's a lot safer for what they're doing, and this includes insight on the 'Finnigan' from Issue 2.


I'm incorporating something from my incomplete RPs from years back, and it's been something I wanted to allude to quietly in the comic.

The main thing that's been going on in KUWT is that humans are kinda aware of animals having their own communities with them. Finnigan is working to establish something in which they can get the deal of being elected into a parliament and be 'recognized', but the animal community is mixed. The end result has been a stagnant and stalled rise to look 'good' in front of the humans-- shoddy police system with dogs, rather meddling and messy affairs with human relations, and difficulty to really 'stand out' are only part of the problem.

Svenn, thinking it's time Finnigan's on his way out, who's never been a fan of politics in general, wants to mess with this incident of saying "game over, man." Funday, invited to the group some days prior of a meeting with some animals, are planning some small attacks to mess with the cat.

Like I've said before though, it's Patrick's eventual escape and rise-up that brings things to a head in the ultimate Versus.


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