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12th Jul 2015, 4:00 PM in Issue 7
page 14
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12th Jul 2015, 4:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
"Let the cats take care of the big ones," Funday told me, and I nodded. It doesn't take a lot to set a horse off, and they make a dog's bite look like a simple slap on the wrist. No, these things kick and they run loose-- and at the park, the crowded lot, they can kick, drive a carriage into things. That really got me going. For one moment this little tramp took the lead, and she did with such nonchalant, funny refrain, that I actually started to like her. "Let the cats get them, we'll let the kids turn their heads. I like kids-- I used to live like one and with one, when I was little."

I guess once we animals figured that we could live together on our own two feet, cats figured the whole chasing and dog after cat concept just seemed so old hat..



Svenn talking!

After so, so long, we're finally back to Keeping Up with Thursday-- Issue 7. ... D:

It's hard getting back to this, 'cause I've been drawing so-- so-- SO much in-between, it's almost like I've forgotten how to put shoes back on, y'know? But now that my birthday's over and we're breaking back into it, I hope I can finish this issue off right on time before the September due date. Right now there's a very miniscule 3-day freedom gap which is funny 'cause I expected at least six days left. xD

I think the only highlight of this page I like since coming back is the reflection and the pastel colors. There's no outright specific color save for the intended firecrackers they're gonna use to start the riot. If I could darken it any further, it'd give off a cool Sherlock Holmes-type vibe to it, but I don't want it to be too heavily black, y'know? Anywhere between 30 percent tinted black is fine.

That reflection though is good. Svenn's really studying there.


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