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21st Jul 2015, 4:00 PM in Issue 7
page 18
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Author Notes:

21st Jul 2015, 4:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
Bad 'Bourne Identity' joke is bad. *kills self*

Mainly some action sequences. Funday and Svenn making their way escape as the intensity builds-- run, guys, run!

Due to certain circumstances I might wind up retconning something in this issue, which some people might already know. Initially I wanted it to happen as a joke, but my personally believed track record is making me regret having putting it up there. Sorry.

Actually... I think the other reasoning is that there's no room. xD I think there's seven pages now? Only one left is Horace.

I hope no one minds if the issue 'bleeds' into Issue 8 or becomes combined with it.


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