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28th Jul 2015, 4:19 PM in Issue 7
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28th Jul 2015, 4:19 PM
Aaron Mocksing
Finnigan vs. Svenn Round 2 has officially begun. When a top-winning defense lawyer is trying to get elected into a higher position to represent animalkind, it's hard not to lose your cool... and something tells me after being blown up in the face like Tom from 'Tom and Jerry', he'll be remembering this day for some time. I know Svenn will.

When transitioning between layers and other symbols in the comic-- it does so rather slowly. I'm not sure what could be causing that, but, I think I can work around that. Sometimes the layers seem to be transitioning even when I have the program minimized. . . . weird. I guess it's an incompatibility thing. An old program on a new computer. I don't know. Frankly though, I don't give a damn: it works, I like it, that's that. :P

Other than that, a half-bottle of aspirin later, I'm finally sane now. I have some ideas set in motion for other things to do, so I'll probably get going on that later. In between that, I need to get all the cartoon/comic fonts I used to own, there's plenty I don't need... but plenty I do want. :D


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