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30th Jul 2015, 4:19 PM in Issue 7
page 22
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30th Jul 2015, 4:19 PM
Aaron Mocksing
It should be noted, that the sequence of events is a near perfect recollection of Svenn's missing finger as mentioned in Issue 2... (see the introductions, when Pat meets everyone). That one little finger that kept him going is the unfortunate one that let him lose his grip and fall. And besides, killing Svenn would, y'know-- 'cause an inception/Back to the Future oddity especially since he's already with Patrick during the prison/orphanage scene. xD He has to live. However we do know now that in doing so, his arm has been broken... Or at least snapped to some degree that it is no longer in use. That was the 'Crunch'.

While I can't say the page turned out as good as I wanted, I'm glad it was included to make the timeline flow somewhat easily. I wish I had another shot at this, though...

Someone might ask about the backgrounds, but I wanted this page solely to be an action sequence between Finnigan and Svenn. My other idea was to simply have him fight out and escape, but the additional panels rise up the intensity, I hope. It still, IMO, looks like something of a clusterfuck, but ah well...

With only three pages to go, I don't think there's any real room left for the issue to add anything else. :( I don't like the 25 page limit. I wish I had at least five more pages left to go into this month, personally, lol.

Tomorrow I'll see about opening up a deviantArt chatroom. It'll open as soon as I get up and create it. The more the merrier!


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