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4th Aug 2015, 4:20 PM in Issue 7
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4th Aug 2015, 4:20 PM
Aaron Mocksing
"...we'd been given the chance to flee a hell of a lot, 'specially when a hungry kitten got caught and we got stuck with him for a few hours... but it was weird, really. We kept thinkin' our punishment would've been that, but it was like a free trip around the city - with dogs taking us, or carriages workin' with the dogs and cats society, around town. We forgot about the Forgiveness rule, and soaked up that kinda freedom of travelin' - it felt less a punishment and more of a tour, honestly. It was that sorta decent treatment that I knew, that Francis and I knew, it wouldn't last long--- earlier this mornin', we found out that our Forgiveness pass had been refused... 'cause of me, o'course... and we were going to get a serious levelin' because of it.

Gettin' to know each other a little bit was probably our only real best past time we had. It helped. Considerin' what we coulda been doin' otherwise, if those old horror stories be true and all..." -- Svenn

"Late one night we'd been sleeping, and the dogs took us to this little courthouse-type thing for the animals. The next dog who had to carry us was a short little thing, having to put us in front of him while he walked. We were gonna be delivered 'cause of our Forgiveness pass bein' removed to serve a sentence at some old hill farther up the London greens and hills. The next two days there was nothin' but that... just walkin', walkin', a coupla long horse trips, but mostly walkin'. I remember our last day, the dog sat down fer his lunch and was gonna continue later.

Now lemme tell you, the oranges he was given us was probably the best scrap heap we'd eaten in days... he wasn't a mean dog, but he sure as hell fed us better durin' the hours we were supposed to, y'know? But anyways, we're sittin' there eating... and this little purple woman comes up. Brown hair, gold eyes, like that! And she wanted to join us 'cause she needed a trip to the orphanage. That's how we met Horace: for some reason it looked like one'a her kids." --- LeBrand

"The police seem quick to judge the poor little boy so quickly as burning the home down on his own merit. I for one, refuse to agree! And I for one hope to prevent this from becoming London's largest reading material, putting this boy in further humility than he already has..." - Marie


Marie and Horace finally make it in at last. I didn't have a lot of time to really focus on it. I asked when my friend wanted me to call him and attempted a few times, to which I didn't get an answer. If he had been working this weekend, or moving so soon, I wish he could have told me... y'ever hate it when folks leave their computer on (alongside that, their instant messenger) and it's only labelling them as online when they're just away from the keyboard? Groan.

Personally I think the only way this page provides something earnest is in the diary-like confessions and ramblings from the characters whole up top. I literally found this an immensely difficult last page to work on. My note to a friend to help me came really late, and I'm sorry for that... x///D

I wanted to have these guys appear in their original Issue 2 clothing with the explanation being that the box had some clothing left behind from people's pasts, but y'know how walls of text are...


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