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6th Aug 2015, 4:20 PM in Issue 7
page 25
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6th Aug 2015, 4:20 PM
Aaron Mocksing
"I do not condone what my aunt did with poor Horace... and it is great regret to face the public knowing that my aunt Trissa would be so bold to willingly accept taking the higher order's request to handle criminals 'her way'.

I had always known her as someone in the family with something of a particular problem, but my requests to help her had gone unnoticed and ignored. It is... unfortunate. For what it is worth, for who he is, I would like to ask Patrick to at least consider, with his talents that he has so garnered, putting the Horace mystery to a close and see what had truly gone on. This... obviously isn't a feat I'm likely to gain approval for, what with his own agenda.

Having failed to fight for Horace's story to be explored, the... writings of the London journalists have made him as much as a laughing stock as my aunt. I can't say I'm entirely bitter on how quickly news travels now, but I certainly can't think of what our future must be like."

-- Marie

=-=-=-= Ending the page with the letter narrative from the beginning of the Issue =-=-=-=

Someone's bound to ask why Patrick is never shown doing more than his fair share of stealing. I guess during the transition of putting character development over the action over the span of the seven issues, I felt it would be wiser for folks to just see how he came to be. I'd like to call it simply using the years to grow and enhance myself. Let's look at 2011 and 2012 as the improving years; from Comic Sans font to Comic Book Commando font, to bright colors to darkness, from flat colors to tints and brightness.

We now finish what so many have waited for, including myself. Is 25 pages enough? We won't know til the end of December. I've decided the best route to take was to end it on this page, which probably isn't likely to come off as good to anyone who doesn't like abrupt halts to the flow of the story, but this is the best I can do... :/

Issue 8 begins.


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