30th Aug 2015, 6:00 AM in Issue 8
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30th Aug 2015, 6:00 AM
Aaron Mocksing
”I knew I was going to get caught one day. You’re young, you’re a freemason, and even though you’re a child going into their teenage years – you’ve suddenly captured the interest of the London street. No one gets that far so soon, and being caught finally made me smile… but I’m finished with my rest, I’d like to continue where I left off.” - Patrick


When I’m doing KUWT and real life beckons important decisions, my mind goes into a shutdown. My focus gets lost and I often fear if it strays too far, I’ll never be able to work on the comic. It’s happen all too often since the series started and it’s happening again.

And then that whole ‘A Mouse Named Thursday’ thing, too. (see blog) Two incidents back to back with almost no recovery time to think about what to do… I swear to god, the fates are really trying to fuck with me.

I’ll be in my familiar neck of the woods with family this Halloween, and I was sincerely hoping there’d be room to include visiting a friend and being with family on the same day. It’s become something of a clusterfuck of such magnitude that I can’t decide one or the other with no intent to bring both in a neutral center. I feel it would be wisest if each deserved individual time and not “I have to be by this place at four, if you can drop me off here by six because we’re doing this at seven and then be at the road at eight”.

I’d prefer spending more than just an hour with someone and spending a day or two, at best, and not limit ourselves to just an hour because that’s simply not enough. It’s been way too long for either and my respect for the two of them requires individual days of attention. And both, I think, are essential to my future. Doing two on the same day would only be overwhelming for my weary, headache-stress-ridden head to comprehend.

Back to the page though, we can expect some Marie and Patrick from here on and after a little bit of wit and banter amongst the two (perfect for shippers or anyone still with me after this long, lol), a bit of a self-jab at myself (as if I haven’t taken it enough from people. xD) regarding Pat’s really bad speeches/talk from Issues 1 – 3.


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