13th Sep 2015, 6:00 AM in Issue 8
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13th Sep 2015, 6:00 AM
Aaron Mocksing
"...oh, there were people there. Childen. Odd ones, ones who appeared like they had no soul. Have you ever seen those young ones who look at you curiously - no emotion, they just look at you and watch you? That's what we saw up there-- looking down us as if they were questioning themselves what to ask, what to say, or why were down there. They spoke not a word and just looked at us with no smiles, no expressions, all generic looking little ones. But the sounds of hundreds or more chattering about seemed to echo well down into the hole we had dug for ourselves... literally." - Svenn

"I guess one'a the parts I hated was one of da girls, one of them in a worn out dress and knickers didn't seem to pay much mind we were there asking for food. She must've been a young one, or probably stupid in the head, 'cause what we thought was apple bits was nothin' but a stray set of maggots who left Horace's body hung up on the wall. It wasn't all that pretty-- she just up and dropped it. What were we, some kinda trash storage hole or somethin'?" -- LeBrand


This page probably needs one more page before it, but with only 14, I couldn't decide whether it works or not to really spread things out like butter over the course of the comic. I kinda want to just get us going to a certain point and move forward, really, so if there's anyone who might be wondering whether or not this fits... I'm sorry. Though I will say it's part of the story.

Going back here after Issue 3 means that sequences and areas are dark, and not rainbow orange colors from before, so that's a relief.

And yeah... maggots from Horace's hung-up corpse.

Not pretty. Not cool. :P


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