8th Oct 2015, 6:00 AM in Issue 8
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8th Oct 2015, 6:00 AM
Aaron Mocksing
"Standing in the way put forth a difficult decision on behalf of my aunt, but the weasels wasted no time in crumbling the rest of the hill above and forcing most of the upper cieling to collape down below-- I had certainly the option to go back to the front door, but these children certainly didn't deserve to be cast behind my shadow. Without thinking I climbed down below in an effort to lead them, not trusting Patrick's hoodlum posse one second, but without a shred of a doubt was I thrown from the wall during my climb down did I feel that my aunt was perfectly fine giving me her take on 'poetic justice'. What happened next, Patrick instinctively took possibly his sole heroic action I can recall him undertaking." - Marie

"Saving Vinnie doesn't count. Adding him to my company put me in a thousand time's more danger than I've ever been. ... The difficultly certainly became a hell of a lot more stacked as highest it could. Sure, we all could have all just snuck out the open cieling and ran out into the field-- but what point is there to run away from this whole thrill when we're involved in the action of the now? I welcome allcomers. No one expected me to do this, I simply wanted my boredom to end." - Patrick


This page had some struggles for me to get through. Originally, I had the weasels do nothing, and simply Trissa watches Marie boldly join the others below to stall for time.

But, I felt action had to be a great way to go out, so... the weasels begin their attack and knock Marie some good feet from the hill roof and onto the floor.

After this, two more pages, and the book end.

Issue 9 begins January 7th, 2013, provided no meteorite kills us all or Earth explodes or some North Korean rocket. :P


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