29th Oct 2015, 7:00 AM in Issue 9
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29th Oct 2015, 7:00 AM
Aaron Mocksing
"And like titans, they wasted no time going through the small rodents like trash on the ground. Anyone within the front of the first shoe's front had to have suffered immediate injuries to the stomach and ribs - the initial sound of crumpled up bones could be heard. Of course, it might not have been so much a crack as it was a simple 'snap' sound, broken upon contact. These were big weasels fighting mice no smaller than their own shoe-size, and any mouse bigger than that still couldn't have put up a good effort at that.

We felt so small. If there were any cats here Trissa had as orphans, which I heard might've been, I certainly saw none of them around... It probably could've helped!" - Patrick


I sure hope the sizes are somewhat accurate. That's been something I've been kinda dwelling on for awhile, if the animals are in the right size amongst each other in height. If not, well, maybe that'll be corrected should KUWT ever be sold on the market, I guess.

I kinda wished I wasn't in so much a hurry to have this prepped up... I blame the fact that my family has been sending me on babysitting missions around California via busrides that take a good portion of my day away. Merced has a terrible homeless problem, I'll say that much, and sadly there isn't a whole lot you can do with chain smokers by the bus stop. Everyone, mothers, teens, stoners, were all lighting up a fatty around us that I probably have inhaled a good portion while trying to wait for the long bus to pick us up in the chilled morning to that late cold freezing nightfall of my town. Ungh.

But here's a page and I'll be sneaking in the other guest art to allow me some fallback creative juices flow. I have some side comics planned but I'm doing traveling more often to keep folks company it's putting a severe crimp in my drawing time.

At any rate, here are the weasels in a big panel literally destroying and wiping out everyone in their path... xD ...I sure hope Patrick and his boys got a game plan! This isn't gonna be easy one bit!

Sure, they coulda fleed the general area - but where's the fun in fleeing your problems? :P Gotta literally 'fight them head on'!


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