5th Nov 2015, 6:00 AM in Issue 9
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5th Nov 2015, 6:00 AM
Aaron Mocksing
"With a roar of thunder, a battle cry was heard -- followed by the undoubted sheer of pain and agony. It sure wasn't coming from Funday though, it was coming from the weasel! Shrieking in pain from the stab in the eye from a warrior in tattered green clothing, and a worn out, ripped up top hat. Funday had gotten her attack in by bouncing off of the giant weasel's own nose, springboarding and delivering the poke in the eye.

However the weasel reacted quickly, as anyone would, tilting his pawhand over and sending her, Milon the bat, and their rescued orphan over and sent the threesome flying down at impeccable speed. Down below the rocky crevaces of dirt, grime, grass and enough rocks to build a grave. She hollared with a mix of sheer fear and yet a small dose of delight as somewhere in her mind that, through it all, at least some justice had been attained that night..."


Now that my schedule is clear, well, temporarily, it's time I get some rest before resuming my work again. I honestly don't know when the IRL stuff is gonna fix itself up... I gotta share the computer routinely so we're balancing that out right now. Wish me luck.

The KUWT prints will be available this week as well. LeBrand's is actually nearing completion, I just need to come up with some extra specialties for the background. Maybe the hooker cat from Issue 7? ;D