10th Nov 2015, 6:00 AM in Issue 9
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Author Notes:

10th Nov 2015, 6:00 AM
Aaron Mocksing
"I had barely gotten up from the ground when I felt LeBrand's long arm grab me from the elbow; I initially wanted to shake it off but, as most of them had all remained in the same area and hadn't done anything threatening towards my life than I'd expected, quickly shook off the notion of refusing the aid. He moved his attention towards Milon, his partner, for which the two reunited in subtle, warm embrace - the kind long lost brothers would have.

A curious case was when I noticed Svenn, the other lanky one with the unkempt hair and whiskers, darkened fur. The rodent made a pass at her, hugging her for moment, resisting the temptation to keep the hug longer. Perhaps I might've had my eyes fooled that these so-called 'criminals' were nothing short of purely human people... they might've talked tough but they kept their faces in check in regards to the weasels storming about. Meanwhile, I had the right mind to insist we keep the children hidden in the farther back of the dirt cave behind us.

"Where is Patrick?" said I, prompting Svenn to glance at me a moment, almost carrying Funday with both arms beneath her, "Someone, please keep the children back! The rooms will be their safe haven!"

Svenn turned his head to the right, and there was the self-proclaimed thief. Patrick was climbing up one of the weasels' pants on the outside, shimmying up the cloth with one hand - without making too much effort or success - while two rocks were held between one of his arms. To shout at him to call him back would only undermine what he had in mind, if anything else to lure the weasels direct attention to him.

I immediately, slowly through the aches of my sore back and ankles, motioned for Svenn towards the back..." --- Marie


Either I'm not good with comics or script-writing, but doing these little quotes/story interludes for pages like this does help make up for the lack of so much in my comics. I can't speak for anyone but I hope they've been helping, at least. I have some experience in the writing field but I've never considered myself much of an author... xD

Also, I've got a question for everyone... should I resume the side comics or should I do more fan art? Side comics would be welcome, but fan art would also help broaden my horizons with things people want me to see besides KUWT. :) I'm open to suggestions!

Also, that Trissa face could very well be the start of a long-term annoying internet meme... xD It's like a half-assed me gusta!