17th Nov 2015, 6:00 AM in Issue 9
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17th Nov 2015, 6:00 AM
Aaron Mocksing
"I wasn't expecting the weasels to beat each other up, so at the time, I was going to say the plan worked all too well. Hundred upon hundreds of children waited for us in the deep caverns deep within the burrowed walls of the ground we shared beneath the Earth, most of them watching in amazement of me. As a thief, I don't take pride in being a children's hero... I'd rather be the bumpkin these kids are gonna hate. But I digress.

Without a moment to waste, we made ourselves run into the darkness with Marie in charge. Like a stallion, this woman flew, urging and pleading the children to get into their rooms immediately--- the weasels were quickly back in shape, and Phase Two was already in frontal gear!" - Patrick


Yay, new page! *might be the only one with a party hat*

One of the few pages I'm fond of, because the bottom panel and the dark colors bring about a level I think, make me feel like I'm watching Secret of NIMH again. I can't believe that movie was believed so scary that they made NIMH 2 super-duper bright... lmao.

I'm hosting a chatroom tonight, hit me up with a note if you'd like to pop in. But first, a rest from me. xD I only got three hours sleep.

Drawing so many children is... quite frankly, impossible to do without halfassing it. I'd need two people to cover so many. I left the bottem panel blank with only dialogue and gray visages/shadows/blurbs to emphasize that Yes, Trissa has quite a bit of people driving her crazy the last good while. xD


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