19th Nov 2015, 6:00 AM in Issue 9
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19th Nov 2015, 6:00 AM
Aaron Mocksing
Patrick is narrating, by the way, adjusted to leave room for some of the background.

TL;DR wall of text below, too. :/ Sorry.

We're now hitting the halfway point into 'Keeping Up with Thursday' Issue 9 page 11; today, that is, February 12th, is my sister's birthday - so today we'll be getting some pizza. :) Should be really good fun. If it didn't fall on a work day, I probably would've given her something special-- but it kinda fell into bad timing.

It's been noted in years before that working on KUWT, I've taken it perhaps a bit too seriously and made it a job-- advice I was given when the comic began. For about three years that didn't really take hold of me until a couple nights ago when I guess the stress had been increasing in real life with problems right now with the financial and car loss. I've taken and decided, and still am considering, temporarily cutting and scaling back on my webcomic KUWT to focus on improving my artistic endeavors and take full opportunity with more jobs now coming to town. Granted, I've been warned, it's not as easy as it looks.

Still, in case no one's seen it yet, on April when Issue 10 comes-- there will be plenty of side comics to go around hopefully on top of the re-uploaded ones from years past going into DrunkDuck. I'm hoping to do more of those rather than do the bulk of the work that is writing, scripting, coloring, backgrounds, character designs that goes into a KUWT page proper.

The less workload will help alleviate stress. KUWT isn't 'cancelled', in case someone thinks that... perhaps kind of on an 'off' year. It's not something I particularly want to do, but as long as you guys support this idea and are still with me, I couldn't thank you enough for keeping the spirit alive. Nothing makes me humble and appreciative more than you guys all still here with me.

Part of me wishes this happened after Issue 10, but this probably a reasonably good conclusion. Part of me is afraid of failure. Actually, maybe a lot of it is.



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