26th Nov 2015, 6:00 AM in Issue 9
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26th Nov 2015, 6:00 AM
Aaron Mocksing
NOTE: In the middle panel-- same as always-- first column of narrative first, then second (top to down), so the words flow. I couldn't arrange it any other way without blocking off Trissa's shadow.


"We gathered in the cold empty room, that was to say-- there was only one chair, one table, and the makings of a half-completed bed in the making. As the light of our lamp trickled against the walls of the dirt caves, we began to see narratives-- a reminder of how far Trissa had gone. Of course, it hadn't completely been her doing... but that it had even been allowed freely, with the weasels in a green-furred drunken stupor being so cruel to poor Horace like that...

Marie had seen it, the others did. For a liar, a large part of me made me shiver down to my tail and made my ears cringe; a child didn't deserve that fate. Punishment, perhaps, some kind of smacking, but certainly not mangled by thumb and finger, violated so cruelly to be hung up by his own tail as they made him their personal clay mold. My heart sank seeing these vivid images dance through Marie's recollection, Funday without a doubt was certainly damaged.

That was to say, Funday had taken it too hard. With the mentality of a child herself in the wake of a sharp whipcrack to the face, and having been starved in isolation for so long, she shouted repeatedly, 'Funday doesn't wanna hear no more about death! No more! No more!'

Svenn stepped in her place, playing comfort that I otherwise didn't seem to have the nerve to do. We were, in all honestly, in deeper shit than we realized." -- Patrick


Some might say this is just another reminder about Horace's seemingly random, cruel fate seen back in Issue 3. Thankfully, when you put this together against the witnessing of our groups' escape (see Christmas comic) and what happened in Issue 3, people now should have a clearer idea of what happened to him without being confused. Horace's death was rather off-putting to see, but at the time, I needed something that said, 'Don't come to KUWT expecting a Secret of NIMH 2 braindead life-is-peachy mentality.'"

If you've seen cartoons where a part of the story is told through shadow puppetry in the manner of this, then this'll feel kinda familiar. I'm pulling out tricks in the book to make this look like you probably saw this on an actual cartoon film/book/series.


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