29th Nov 2015, 6:00 AM in Issue 9
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29th Nov 2015, 6:00 AM
Aaron Mocksing
This page could have been done a lot better, but I found myself painted into the wall the moment I made it. The story wrtten below I wrote helps a little I think; I hope it does for you guys, too. Whenever I hit a point like this, I do feel pretty bad about it, so I write stories to fill in the gaps. Hopefully the next page is better. Besides, 9 pages left is cutting it a bit close, so naturally, things gotta be kinda sped up. :(


The weasel could be heard doing just as Svenn had been doing; his anger would be directed at the walls -- putting everyone on edge if so much the children had felt his wrath. Thankfully, with dirt rock this thick, if any damage had been done it was on the weasel's knuckes itself.

Everyone waited, the candle's light dimmed a little, when Milon spoke up. The weasel had all but given up, and after a loud violent rumble when they had sat down in waiting. No one knew if he had fallen asleep or brought the other with him. Milon had the light pointed against him, making him look like a horned beast against the shadows of the room.

"I can sneak out," he commented with his lisp, "I can guide, right? Let me take you guys, I can see in the dark!" This was cemented well whenever the light hit him, Milon made a wince whenever so, and this particular gift as any one of his kind could attest, bats always made the best of their craft when the sun was gone and the clouds had parted. "That building, let me take a few of you there while someone keeps an eye out on these weasels. If the coast's clear we can do more!"

Marie had opted to stay put, as did Funday, for her sake. Patrick, despite no commentary on the matter, had to come along as he was the most prolific. Milon stayed ahead in the air as that would make him quiet, but the group he lead made wise to bring their lamp no matter what. If they could make their way back up to the hole the weasels attacked them from, they could assess what fortune the building would bring.

No sound. The two women, stuck in an empty room in which nearly everything was pitch black, were forced to sleep. Despite the faulty plan, at least no sound had been made.


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