1st Dec 2015, 6:00 AM in Issue 9
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1st Dec 2015, 6:00 AM
Aaron Mocksing
I hope this page makes up the previous one. :) I'm cutting it a bit close... and with the page after this, I'm kinda hoping there's room for more character talk. :<


"Milon couldn't fly us up, obviously, but he guided us through the rocks as we did our best to not make a sound. The snoring - and fart - of the weasels was bad enough to make us slip through the cracks. Svenn had come almost close to tripping over some of the bigger rocks on the walk back. We were lucky, though, that I lead them through each movement whenever such a snore was loud enough to hide our own two feet.

We headed back to where our battle had begun, and sneaked our way towards the long flight of stairs, our stairway to Heaven as it were, and attempted once more a plan of escape. It had been so long since we've seen the skies again, the clouds. We've been buried for so long we had forgotten what Earth's beauty looked like on the surface.

Walking towards the huge building, LeBrand had almost passed out... and I carried him quietly, easing ourselves down the green grass paths ahead of us. Milon fluttered into where parts of the moon's rays could reflect him, making it easier on us to follow.

Svenn, however, started walking backward.

"No, dammit, no... now's our chance--" I could hear him say.

...and with that, our group stopped....


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