8th Dec 2015, 6:00 AM in Issue 9
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8th Dec 2015, 6:00 AM
Aaron Mocksing
The weasels shuffled around the mouse hole, and stared inside. It wasn't big enough for them to fit in. On the other hand, they had begun sticking their hands in-- and some of the bricks from long ago had started to crumble. Giving up, one of them turned around to Marie and snorted... his frown deepening, and his teeth baring all the yellow, crooked edges it had accumulated in many years time.

"This better be where they are," said the weasel, looking back to the other. "If they're not, I'm sure Trissa has something in store for you!"

Marie gulped. There was another hole, just above the ground, but large enough for the weasels to enter. It was now or never. Never had in this long an age in either of her life, or the ones she had sent out, brought forth so much nervous sweat down either of their furs.


Not much to say here, than, five more pages to go. :)

It's been a good run, folks. KUWT isn't dead, just taking it easy. But Issue 10 will be coming, make no mistake.


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