Issue 10 Cover

3rd Jan 2016, 8:00 AM in Issue 10
Issue 10 Cover
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Author Notes:

3rd Jan 2016, 8:00 AM
Aaron Mocksing
Issue 10 is ready to begin, and this is the new cover!

=-=-=-= <b>The Story</b> =-=-=-=

Vinnie can't control it anymore. He's had enough of Patrick, the infamous Thursday Thief, and wants to end a decade long partnership. Insecurities, fale hopes, deep-running fears and conflicts have all prevented the American rodent from leaving to find his own voice... but even after all of the strength of taking his abuse, is it worth taking the next step forward to begin a new life?

Beverly finally makes her ongoing appearance in the main canon (first appearance in Issue 2!) as a Junebed struggling to find a footnote in society. There are so many ways to take her life in the next direction, but she simply cannot make up her mind. Shall she take up the family heirloom piano? Perhaps inspiration from her family novel may inspire her to write? Or should she simple retreat within the wealth of her family's riches, longing to find a purpose?

Patrick's back on his feet and no longer underneath the ground. With his theft in hand, it's time to manage his reputation as the top thief in London. Will past acquaintances bring him up... or will they bring him down?

As Patrick, Vinnie, and Beverly now explore their paths in different forks in the road, one thing's for sure... it won't be easy.


Every Tuesday is KUWT Issue 10! Following this page I will also work on a recap of the events from Issue 1 and 4.

Every Thursday Issue 2 will undergo a major renovation with improved artwork, story and design updates.

Every weekend, well, the side comics will be there to provide some silly nonsense. ;D

Stay tuned!


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