Issue 1 Recap

5th Jan 2016, 8:00 AM in Issue 10
Issue 1 Recap
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Author Notes:

5th Jan 2016, 8:00 AM
Aaron Mocksing
When we last left Patrick and Vinnie...

Our duo had broken into the Hanfield's home to steal a precious piece of artwork from her locket. A bit of eager curiosity and simple misunderstanding - not to mention a few big sneezes - brought out the madame's notorious cat... and all hell has broken loose! The cat's been hit and splattered with ink, but it's still not enough. With Patrick facing the cat on his own, Vinnie doesn't feel like helping out any more - if the thief is as tough as he says he is, maybe he doesn't need his American companion after all.

Of course, some insults, especially on the bullied kind, do more harm than good.


I will be uploading two pages, because I don't think one would've been enough to truly assemble "in a nutshell". We all know why they're there, and I think a lot of us want to see them get out as soon as they can... that cat's just not going to quit. :3

(due to the changes in Issue 1, namely the name of Atkins being Hanfield now, :iconsirquacky: and I will be sure to work on those edits in the future. And Vinnie's pants for that matter. xD It's been a good year since Vinnie's storyline, so I'm really coming off of ring rust right now... bear with me!)


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