10th Jan 2016, 8:00 AM in Issue 10
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10th Jan 2016, 8:00 AM
Aaron Mocksing
Vinnie wants to take the stairs, but taking those long steps isn't going to help any with Patrick and the cat still on the loose. The only way to surefire way out? Climbing up that railway! Of course, Patrick's back on his tail again - whether this leads to the cat's last chance to nab our duo here, we can only hope he doesn't. Will our guys bicker and banter over the abuse, or will they be forced to set these arguments aside for another time while there's still time?

Patrick's one to run his mouth. Everyone wants to kick his ass... and Vinnie looks like he's about reaching his boiling point.

Sorry for the delays everyone. Normally I'd have this up in the morning, but it's a mixture of the water crisis in my town, DrunkDuck's awards on my mind (I can't contain myself), and financial worries. xD I hope for the long wait, this was worth it!

Guest Artist Contributor shout-out goes to our friend and KUWT loyal fan :iconsirquacky: for helping add some really kick-ass effects on certain panels! :3 I haven't had time to get him back in the game for those Issue 2 pages, but I'm certainly glad to have invited him over to add some nice details in some of these panel angles! Not to mention the wallpaper returns. x3 The one from Issue 1's remakes are quite lovely, in my opinion.

All the scurrying around is making me panic for continuity errors and things I missed. xD Needless to say I'm handling it, if still going a little crazy deep down. xDD


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