12th Jan 2016, 8:00 AM in Issue 10
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Author Notes:

12th Jan 2016, 8:00 AM
Aaron Mocksing
Everyone's been waiting for this day to come and quite frankly, so have I. Patrick's always been my main character, but he's also conceited, a prick, a jerk, a sex fiend, a Quagmire of the Disney kind and pretty much unlikeable. I want him to be that way, I don't generally see him as being good at all - and if he is, only very few people earn that right to see it. Of course, Vinnie was one of them... but the price was huge: to join him in the life of crime, and ultimately take the abuse along with it.

Vinnie never left as he'd be too ashamed to go back home, and Patrick couldn't drop him for fear he'd tattle-tale. Even so, each time they had gone on a theft or an adventure to steal priceless material large and small, the abuse continued to rise. Toppled with Vinnie's own troubled childhood; he's always fought hard not to let himself explode one day. Today might've been that moment.

it was a matter of time, and here it is. Now tumbling down the railway goes Patrick, with Vinnie cutting loose. Is this the start of something?

Sometimes we all want to punch the people that piss us off to no end. School, home, but cooler heads prevail.

Vinnie vs. Patrick. Place your bets.


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