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21st Feb 2016, 1:00 PM in Issue 10
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21st Feb 2016, 1:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
<i>From the journal of Dr. Kyle Willingam,

It's about noon now. The snow's stopped, leaving much of the roads around the shops, stores, and oher buildings completely held off. For humans, it's as easy as the numbers to get by here and fro - but we animals consider this a near worldwide blockade. Thankfully my own office doubles as my home; I needn't worry having to go out, though the patience dwindles being confined in small places.

The unknown patient I've been given is slowly coming grips to seeing the world again. Minutes ago he'd convulsed in bed, thrashing about in a shock so painful to bare witness as it may have been experienced for him. I've managed to treat him with a warm blanket and what little soup I could provide in my nut cabinet. He's sweating heavily, breathing quickly and impatiently; another padding might have to do to keep him sedated for the time being.

Patient seems to be speaking to me, trying his best to speak, but I can only make out some of it. I've only been able to make out very little, other than small words like 'can't tell' and 'his home', and just now...

'Where lives'?

Unless Miss Junebed can hurry to find more proper care, or the means to get there, I'm not sure if I can hold this poor soul for too much longer. God be with him.</i>


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