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23rd Feb 2016, 1:00 PM in Issue 10
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23rd Feb 2016, 1:00 PM
Aaron Mocksing
<i>From the journal of Dr. Kyle Willingam,

Patient is showing signs of being able to speak now. He is coming too but struggling to find his words, but they are coming along. Somebody up there loves him, and my heart finally calms knowing that he's escaped the hand of death for once more. I can't tell you how many people are not given that opportunity, and I've worked on patients with illnesses far worse than this kind of emergency... the Junebeds pay me well and for that I honor it.

Resting beside his hands and watching one finger twitch and move while he struggles one letter after another, I can clearly deduce that this rodent is coming along the lines of admitting a confessional.

...the Thursday Thief. One of London's notorious men; caught the devil once, but couldn't be contained. No crime too big, no crime too small. I've never believed such a person existed - the name, in itself, sounds ridiculous! Who's to be afraid of a con man who happen to struck on a particular date? Even those in literature had names that made the bones tingle, but this is no more than the fabric of publications seeking a quick quid from the notary public.

Am I witnessing one of his men finally coming forward after years of disservice to the public? I cannot be certain. This could all very well be another trick on behalf of him, just a ploy, there's no denying that it's all a delusion. I'm at a crossroads. Perhaps this person is simply feeling a bit of remorse, but I am at a crossroads. No doubt that a part of me wishes to contact the authorities, the other, run out after Beverly in a hurry before she's caught the next flight.

I will try and get more out of him, but there is still a chance to reach Beverly at the quickest possible convenience.</i>


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